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For the past ten years, Fengyuanwei has only focused on one thing, and that is quality. High-quality quality makes our ducks "long feet", and the farther and farther they go, the more determined they go. We don't have a gorgeous language, only the persistence to put all our efforts into the product. Customer recognition is our eternal goal! Factory management, strict implementation of HACCP management, so that products can enter the domestic high-end market, so as to achieve brand improvement and industrial balance. The factory workshops are arranged in strict accordance with the technological process and arranged in an orderly manner: the flow of people, logistics, water supply, drainage, air flow is reasonable, the lighting is up to standard, and the drainage is unblocked. The water source of the workshop is equipped with treatment devices such as disinfection and filtration, and the discharged sewage is discharged after being treated to meet the standards. We have done in-depth and extensive market research and detailed prospect analysis, using the company's existing resources: safe raw material base, advanced production equipment, scientific process, strict management system, experienced R & D team and strong The sales team, etc., these resource advantages are integrated together to create products with high-quality quality, professional services and broad market prospects.





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