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Pepper Emperor Duck

For the past ten years, Fengyuanwei has only focused on one thing, and that is quality. High-quality quality makes our ducks "long feet", and the farther and farther they go, the more determined they go. We don't have a gorgeous language, only the persistence to put all our efforts into the product. Customer recognition is our eternal goal!
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The young ducks that have been fed for four years are used as raw materials and are carefully marinated. Observe its color, soy sauce and red oil; smell its taste and aroma; taste its fleshy, hemp and mellow. The flavor is mature and domineering, and the hemp flavor is thick and long. The "Shen Nong's Materia Medica" has the phrase "The pepper is the master of the evil qi and the inverse, warms the middle, the skin is dead muscle by the joints, the cold and dampness is painful, and the breath is lowered."

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