Semi-cooked products

Hangzhou Fengyuanwei Food Co., Ltd. is located in Fengchuan Industrial Park, Tonglu County, Hangzhou. Founded in 2009, the company covers an area of 9,600 square meters. It is an enterprise integrating the processing and sales of cured meat products. The company uses trademarks such as "Fengyuanwei" and "Yixiangyuan" as its main brands, and uses pickling, wax, and soy sauce as the main processes to restore the pure and authentic taste.

Semi-cooked products

"It seems ordinary and strange, it is as easy but difficult." In order to perfect this business, Fengyuanwei has been fighting for it for ten years since its establishment in 2006! Fengyuanwei, headquartered in the beautiful Hangzhou Tonglu, is a large-scale meat product enterprise integrating breeding, slaughtering, production, deep processing and sales.
Blue and White Duck
Pepper Emperor Duck
Sauce Duck
Crystal duck
Secret duck
Duck Tongue in Sauce
Black duck tongue
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